Self-Care: Not Just a Spa Day

Non-Surface Level Self-Care

Lately it seems as though we hear the term “self-care” all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE advocate for self-care, it’s um one of my sub categories…. I’m all about the bubble baths, wine, and face masks, but those are all surface level activities. Self-care is not just a spa day and can be more than just alone time for rest and relaxation. Many other areas of our lives can benefit from self-care, such as our careers. Here’s one of my favorite quotes for you to reflect on today:

“Shedding what doesn’t serve me gets me closer to one of my core values, freedom.” (credit: Natasha Wong, Co-Founder Before-Noon)

So, ask yourself, “what are my core values and am I living them?” If not, “are they within reach or do they seem far off?”

It is important to take inventory of our personal and professional lives, so that we may experience a 360-benefit of self-care. Evaluate where you are and where you want to be. Give gratitude for where you are currently on your journey of self-discovery, but begin to think about and draft a plan for the next chapter of your leave. As you are doing so, always leave room for setbacks, because none of us are exempt from life its curveballs.

Continue to update your plan as needed and get into the habit of including your career/job into your self-care routine. This may mean scheduling time off from work, whether it is a half-day or a whole day, to focus on personal professional development, i.e., reading articles or attending webinars to help move you further along. Find something that is viable for you and build upon that.

Professional Self-Care Tips:

  1. Write out your career and personal values
  2. Take inventory of your career journey from start to desired end-goal
  3. Give gratitude for life lessons on your journey
  4. Write a career plan and give yourself alternatives–leave room for mistakes and setbacks
  5. Know that it is okay to not know where to start (seek assistance)
  6. Don’t feel pressured by society’s goals and timelines
  7. Give yourself grace, you will reach your destination (be patient)
  8. Keep pressing forward (don’t give up)

Self-Care Challenge

To further assist you on your self-care journey, I have created a 30 Day Self Care Challenge. This tool is free and downloadable.

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