The Toxic Mindset

Today I want to talk you about the “Toxic Mindset.” Have you ever met someone who seemed offended by everything and believed that everyone was working against them in some form or fashion? This is more of a rhetorical question because of course you have! We know that one co-worker, family member, friend, or…maybe ourselves…

What is a toxic mindset?

A toxic mindset is not a single negative thought, it’s not one complaint or one bad day, but rather it’s a series of negative thoughts, behaviors, actions, and patterns. Those with a toxic mindset tend to be overly offended. Some may also call this being “overly sensitive,” but these individuals seem to take most things to the extreme, i.e., they are overly critical of others but do not take a look at themselves. These thoughts and feelings lead to toxic behavior. No matter what anyone does or says, someone has always wronged them. No one has as many issues as the one with a toxic mindset—they are seemingly always trying to one-up others via their trials or woes.

Toxic mindsets are not only exhausting for the individual, but they wear and tear on those around them. When we encounter individuals with toxic mindsets, we tend to feel drained after interacting with them. However, there’s a bright-side to the toxic mindset—it’s just a state of mind and our minds can change.

Key Message:

You become what you think and feel. If you think toxic thoughts constantly, it will show in your interactions with others and throughout your personality. We can’t control how others think or feel, or what they say about us. Maybe there is that one person that’s always out to get you, this does happen, but how we react to others is something that we can control. Don’t let toxicity from within yourself or others control you. There is so much beauty to be seen in life and if you’re always looking at things in a negative light, all you will ever encounter is negativity in your life.

Take a break from the toxic thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Try being more mindful concerning your thoughts and actions. When a negative thought or feeling arises, speak against it—challenge it with something positive.


Negative thought: My co-worker/partner/friend is always working against me. Their behavior is passive aggressive.

Positive thought: I don’t know what the issue is or if I have said or done something to offend my co-worker/partner/friend at any time, but I will try to be more mindful of how I interact with them. If the interactions are still unpleasant, then I know that the problem resides within them and I will not exhibit the same toxic behavior, but will be empathetic and compassionate towards them within healthy boundaries.

I know the above example is a lot and it seems fluffy, but remember, if you are without a doubt being a kind human, staying hydrated, and minding your own business, you are not responsible for how others feel towards you or how they respond to you. Continue to be the best version of you and everything will always fall into place, I promise.

If you (or someone you know) are trying to counter “The Toxic Mindset” and turn negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions into feelings of worthiness, confidence, and love, I have created a 31 Day Positive Mindset Journal to assist you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

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