Faith Over Fear

Life can and does come at us with unexpected situations and events. For example, one of my brothers recently passed away unexpectedly, but instead of feeling like I have lost a brother, I feel as though I’ve gained an angel. How you view and react to life is key to your emotional wellness and mindset. I allowed myself to feel all the feelings of grief, but in the end, I chose to continue to live life and not stay in a place of sadness and despair. I share my story briefly to let you know that none of us are exempt from life, but how we respond to it determines our path and way forward. If you’re always dwelling on what you don’t have, who or what has hurt you, thinking about tomorrow, living in yesterday, and ignoring the present, then you will always be unhappy and unsatisfied with life. Not everyone will have fortune, fame, or everything they desire in life, but you can have happiness, peace, and joy. These things are up to you to receive and take part in.


Take a moment to reflect on the things that are holding you back in life and are keeping you from experiencing joy and peace. Review your list and then make a conscious decision to let go of those hurts, pains, disappointments, etc. Decide how you can begin to move forward with your life. What are the next steps for you? Is it prayer? Is it therapy? Is it all the aforementioned and taking those first steps? Decide and begin to press forward.

For additional tools to assist you in moving forward in life, check out these self-care tools and my Positive Mindset Journal.

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