Setting Your Intentions

overcoming Mondays and any other “bad” day

Today is Monday. People commonly think of Mondays in a negative light. Most of the time these thoughts surround our professional lives–we have to engage in the “rat race” all over again. But what if we changed our mindsets about Mondays and our approach to the week as a whole? While I’m not a fan of the “rat race” myself, I actually don’t mind Mondays. Mondays symbolize a fresh start and allow you to set new goals and intentions for the week.


Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week but didn’t. Can you still accomplish those tasks or goals this week? Make a list of intentions for this week and then break those intentions down into sub-tasks or goals. As I’ve discussed in my post, “Small Wins,” sub-goals help us to feel more accomplished and motivated if we can see that we are making progress. To further assist you, I’ve created a planner to help you Set Your Intentions with a check-in guide, to help you thrive this week.

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