Increase Your Faith, Decrease Your Doubts

I am a big believer in coupling faith with actions. This is not always easy to do as life comes at us in every which way and tries to beat us down, but it is absolutely necessary for continued endurance in the race of life. If you do not exercise faith as you are working on yourself and walking towards your purpose, your efforts will be in vain. Meaning, if you do not believe you can or will, then there’s a greater possibility that you won’t. Don’t sell yourself short

in the pursuit of your life’s goals by not having the faith to accompany your actions. It’s not that what you’re doing won’t come to pass without having faith and belief that you will succeed, it is that your journey will have more heartache, struggle, and difficulty than what it should. Coupling faith with your pursuits, helps you to endure the journey, express more gratitude, and provides you with a peace that surpasses all understanding, no matter what you’re going through or what may come.

Reflection Activity:

Think about the desires in your heart and how or if you are actively pursuing these desires. Do you believe that you can have these desires, are you doubting your journey, are you listening to negative people, do you have negative thoughts? If so, I want you to take the time to build your faith so that you can endure the journey. I have an abundance of tools to help you do this. Check out the self-care tools section of my website, the Positive Mindset Journal, and the YPSelfCare Instagram Page for daily inspiration and motivation to help you build your faith and confidence.

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